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18th September 2012 0
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At some time or another, we have all heard about blogs, and we have even seen or read some of these posts. These websites gather texts or articles, which are displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears first, differentiating blogs from other sites on the internet. 

This type of next generation websites has a simple common interface: a home page with a header containing the name of the blog or blogger to which it belongs and a series of categories for content differentiation. The entries or posts are normally displayed in the central column, and when an article is updated, the update goes directly to the top, pushing the older news down. 

How does this work? 

A blog is normally made up of one page that is loaded with current news, but it can also be separated into different months, indicating the posts that have been entered since the blog was created. Actually, though, the blog’s homepage is what usually concerns and interests most people. 
- A blog is displayed in reverse chronological order to easily identify the most current information. 
- Blogs are public and open-ended for the diffusion of knowledge. 
- There are as many blogs on the internet as there are subjects that may go through your head. 
- As a standard rule, blog articles have no fixed order or intervals, but rather the blogger or author of the blog chooses when to publish. 
- Blogs offer readers the possibility to interact by leaving comments or messaging each other. 

Why does DENTAID have a blog? 

Blogs are very similar to online newspapers. The authors discuss a wide array of topics and link contents from anywhere on the internet, but brands also use blogs to create what is known as corporate blogs and/or blogs that specialise in a topic. DENTAID is on the blogosphere with its Oral Health Blog whose main goal is to improve oral health throughout society, by offering articles, day-to-day problems and suggesting solutions that are at everyone’s reach. All of its articles are supervised by a team of specialists in oral health and communication. The VITIS Mouths Blog is another channel for direct communication with VITIS consumers and with those interested in maintaining optimal oral health. 


Blog: Weblog that gathers texts in reverse chronological order. 
Blogger: Person who writes a blog. 
Blogosphere: Group of blogs on the internet. 
Category: Subject units for differentiating between blog topics. 
Entries or posts: Articles that appear on a blog. 
Homepage: Main page of a blog. 
Tag cloud: A stylised way of visually representing words used to describe tags. 
Tags: Key words that are included in an entry. 

Advantages and benefits of blogs 

Sharing. You can share all posts that you think are interesting in real time. 
Interaction. You can discuss and give your opinion about any content that you wish. 
Connection and Socialising. Bogs make it easy to connect with other users who share your interests. 
News. You can either subscribe to blogs or follow them on the social networks in order to always keep informed on news that affects the sector and/or subjects that appear on the blog. 

5 reasons to follow DENTAID's blogs 

1. To obtain trustworthy and quality advice for achieving perfect oral health. 
2. To solve all of your doubts regarding daily oral hygiene and diseases 
3. To interact with other users who are also interested in oral health 
4. For a 'tip of the day' 
5. To find out hundreds of curiosities about the mouth



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