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4th January 2012 0
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Professional contents, videos, documents, analyses, conferences, congresses, studies, courses… Can all of this be summed up in just 140 characters? Yes, it’s Twitter. 

Perhaps it is the social network to which we are most reluctant to join, but when used properly, it is the ideal tool for keeping updated on both our professional and personal interests. 
Twitter is a platform based on microblogging; in other words, it is a service for short message exchange, no longer than 140 characters, where we can send and receive information. It was born in the USA in the year 2007, but its Spanish counterpart did not arrive until late 2009. Now it is used by more than 200 million people world-wide, and in our country there are almost 3 million users on this “blue bird” web. 
What is Twitter used for? What will I find if I go there? Who should I follow? Who will follow me? These are the four basic questions that all new Twitter users ask themselves when they go to open an account. But it is really all easier than it seems. If you know your likes and interests, you already have an answer to the first three questions. 

How does it work? 

Twitter is a tool that allows you to group together information pertaining to all of your interests, mainly your professional ones. 
By information we refer to not only written content, but also videos, audio interviews, images… We can follow courses or conferences by just identifying a key word. And despite its space limitation, it is the social network that has the least space-time barriers. 
As previously mentioned, if we know what we like and what we would like to keep informed about, the usefulness of Twitter is clear: to be our platform for daily information updates. But who should we follow? Simply those brands or people whose contents can be of use to us. We need to identify valued contents and the accounts held by users that provide us with the most useful information. 
And.. who will follow me? That will depend on you: if the content you publish on Twitter is interesting, new, valuable.., followers will find you by searching words related to their interests. But there is no magic formula; the only way to attract followers is to generate content. 

Do you know what DENTAID offers on Twitter? 

What are the benefits it can bring to oral health professionals? DENTAID has followers on Twitter, to whom they inform of all updates related to dentistry and pharmacy, both its own information and information related to the sector, nationally and internationally. The objective is to provide our followers with all updated information for both sectors. 
Also, for several events that have taken place in dentistry, we have created labels, or key words (#hashtags), so that our followers can follow these activities, even if they were not able to travel to the city where they were being held. All they need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and our followers can “attend” without going anywhere. 
Twitter is the platform where DENTAID is most active: all of our courses, important sector events, information from our magazines, pharmacy or dental sector news, videos, interviews… All contents that we consider interesting for our dentist, hygienist and pharmacist followers appear on Twitter. 
Twitter also helps DENTAID maintain more dynamic contact with their followers; any doubt can be clarified in very little time. We accept information, ideas, suggestions… Our followers help us understand what is going on in the oral health field. We are their ears, and we try to offer them the best solutions and information possible. 
It is true that Twitter uses a peculiar language that requires patience and getting used to. At first nobody knows who to follow and we don’t have followers… But DENTAID invites you to participate, because Twitter is predicted to become one of the main updated information sources for the world around, it doesn’t stop growing and enriching the lives of its users. 

What is Twitter? 

The shortest social network, only uses 140 characters.
The biggest professional information exchange platform.
Dynamism, current events and synthesis are its main features. 

What you should know about Twitter: 

Tweet: Comment is posted.
Retweet: Comment is redirected.
Follower: Person or account that follows you.
DM: private message between users.
Hashtag: Symbol that helps search or follow conversations. 


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