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11th April 2019 0
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The main goal of oral hygiene products is to prevent oral diseases and disorders through the daily disruption and removal of dental plaque, or biofilm, the main agent triggering pathological processes in the mouth. Prevention of oral diseases directly and indirectly impacts quality of life. 

The main oral disease in adulthood is periodontal disease, which causes tooth loss and involves a considerable impact on quality of life. Proper daily oral hygiene is key to preventing periodontal disease. One particularly important point is brushing for least two minutes with a quality toothbrush, either manual or electric, whose filaments are in good condition. 
The VITIS® brand offers a wide range of manual brushes for all needs. Likewise, the VITIS® sonic electric toothbrush has proven to be very effective in reducing plaque and inflammation of the gums. 
Brushing should be done together with a toothpaste. This will aid in the removal of dental plaque and provide active ingredients to prevent diseases. VITIS® also offers a range of products including VITIS® gingival, specially formulated for the prevention of periodontal disease. 
The use of mouthwash can be of great assistance to spread the active ingredients throughout the mouth reaching areas that are not accessible by brushing. 
One especially important area is the interproximal space between the teeth. To clean this, dental floss or tape should be used if the spaces between the teeth are completely taken up by the gum, or interproximal brushes when there are open spaces between teeth. VITIS® offers a complete range of flosses and tapes, and Interprox® is the specialist brand in interproximal brushes. 
Water flossers can also help in this task, and Waterpik® has different models according to individual needs. If periodontal disease has already set in, it should be managed through professional treatment at the clinic, which is usually accompanied by chemical adjuvants to control the accumulation of plaque. 
One of the most commonly used products is Perio·Aid®, which combines two antiseptics, chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride, for greater microbiological control. 
Dental hypersensitivity may occasionally occur during periodontal treatment. If this happens, quality of life may be severely compromised, since patients must modify their diet, and may even experience pain. Similarly, the patient’s perception of the professional may be negatively affected. The Desensin® product range provides the solution to mitigate pain and greatly improve quality of life during these difficult moments. 
Periodontal treatment may include a surgical phase, and the postoperative period is another moment that may significantly affect a patient’s quality of life. Locally applied bioadhesive gels such as Perio·Aid® Bioadhesive Gel can help accelerate healing, reducing postoperative pain and inflammation, and ultimately improving the patient’s perception of the treatment and of the professional who performs this. 
Another aspect related to quality of life is aesthetics. White teeth are an indispensable calling card for the society in which we live. The VITIS® whitening range helps in daily prevention of the appearance of stains, even helping to reduce them if they have already appeared. 
Meanwhile, xerostomia —dry mouth— can pose serious difficulties in talking, chewing, swallowing and even sleeping. To help with this, the dentaid® Xeros range provides moisturising and salivary stimulation solutions that have been scientifically endorsed, greatly improving the quality of life of those suffering from this disorder. 
Finally, halitosis can be a real ordeal, not only for the person who suffers from it, but also for those around them. In these cases, a good diagnosis is key, and the use of chemical adjuvants such as Halita®, together with the Halita® tongue cleaner can greatly improve the condition 


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