Dental Care for Older Adults

7th September 2014 0
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Education is the key to constructing a quality professional practice. For this reason, DENTAID continues to support training for dental hygienists by organising new courses of immediate interest to this professional group. 

The course entitled "Key Issues in Dental Care for Older Patients" is being conducted in 20 different cities throughout Spain 

In previous years, diverse topics have been addressed, including periodontics, dental implant maintenance, orthodontics, management of problem patients, etc. This time, we kicked off 2014 by focusing on how to deal with older patients. 
In the coming years, geriatric dentistry will represent increased visits to the dental practice due to the increment in the average living age of the current population. Hence our interest in offering the course entitled "Key Issues in Dental Care for Older Patients". 
During the months of March, April and May, a total of 20 courses are scheduled to be held in different cities in Spain. 
During each session, dentists specialised in this topic will reveal the rationale for geriatric dentistry and the epidemiological aspects of old age, and subsequently, will spend some time to describe the profile of an aged patient and the biological changes involved in growing older. Then specialists will fully cover dental treatments, differences between various diseases and the most common oral procedures and actions in aged patients, including the common medical and pharmacological compromise to which they are subject. Lastly, dental care for institutionalised elderly patients will be mentioned. 
These patients require, although normally do not receive, special dental care, which in the future could be a reasonable source of employment in the dental practice. 
Keep abreast of all of our courses through the DENTAID website www.dentaid.com, Professionals/AULA DENTAID section. Sign up on the website and activate the alert system to stay informed of all courses taking place in your area. 



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