Great success of the 1st SEPA –DENTAID Symposium for dental hygienists

16th May 2012 0
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On February 25, the 1st SEPA –DENTAID Symposium Solving Clinical Cases: from Scientific Principles to Clinical Practice was held. An attendance of over 1,700 dental hygienists has made this the biggest scientific event ever to be offered to this professional group in Spain. 

More than 1,700 dental hygienists gathered in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid to learn the latest scientific progress on pathologies, syndromes and the most common clinical situations to occur in the dental practice. 

Turnout a huge success 

Right from the beginning, the Symposium generated strong expectations, with over 1,700 dental hygienists enrolled. These numbers translated into the greatest attendance ever seen. 
The event was moderated by Dr. David Herrera, Vice President of SEPA and Dr. Karen Romero, Director of the Medical Department at Dentaid. With this initiative, SEPA and DENTAID were able to join forces to relay to industry professionals the importance of science and research on the improvement of generalised oral health. 
The atmosphere was brimming with excitement as Dr. David Herrera and Dr. Karen Romero offered their warmest welcome to the audience. They then gave up the stage to Dr. Núria Vallcorba, President of SEPA and Mr. Enric Masdevall, President of DENTAID. 

The scientific programme 

The scientific programme was kicked off with a lecture by Dr. Francisco Gil Loscos: Dentinal Hypersensivitity: What are the newest treatment advances?, a pathology that affects 1 out of every 7 patients in dental offices. During his speech, the doctor warned that immediate relief does not cure dental sensitivity, but rather hides it. Then, Dr. Gerardo Gómez Moreno gave a very lively presentation on Dry Mouth: What causes this and what should I do? He explained that there are more than 500 medicines that can cause xerostomia, and he highlighted the importance of getting to know patients before choosing treatments. Next was Dr. Silvia Roldán Díaz who concluded the first half of the day with a lecture on Oral Halitosis: how is it diagnosed and how is it treated? In her presentation, she pointed out that 41% of all oral halitosis cases originate on the tongue, which is why tongue brushing with a tongue cleaner is so important for preventing bad breath. 
During the coffee break, some attendees took the opportunity to have their picture taken in front of the Symposium photocall banner, which can be downloaded from DENTAID’s Facebook page or from the Higienistas VITIS page. 
The second half of the programme began with a speech on Peri-implant Mucositis: How can it be prevented?, by Dr. Agustín Casas Hernández, who discussed the importance of controlling oral biofilm and both physical and chemical treatment with antimicrobial agents for cleaning interproximal spaces in patients with implants for preventing the occurrence of mucositis. The last session was presented by Dr. Ignacio Sanz Sánchez: Peri-implantitis: How is it treated and how is its recurrence prevented? The conclusion of this lecture was that peri-implant treatment consists in arresting the progression of bone loss. 

An event to remember 

Lastly, Dr. Karen Romero and Dr. David Herrera underlined the main conclusions from the Symposium and delivered commemorative “Oscars” to all speakers. 


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