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15th May 2012 0
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Some clinical conditions such as dental hypersensitivity, xerostomia, halitosis and some specific situations like wearing braces can cause complications in the oral cavity, affecting general health and influencing some aspects of daily life. Dentaid provides the most complete and specific solutions for efficiently dealing with all of these situations, therefore improving patients’ quality of life. 


Desensin, the solution for sensitive teeth, provides a complete range of products that are specially formulated to fight dental sensitivity. Its formula is able to get rid of pain and allows teeth and gums to go back to normal. 
Desensin now offers a more complete range including the new Desensin soft toothbrush, a soft and delicate brush for sensitive teeth, thanks to its PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) filaments, with a conical profile and small head to allow for better access to interproximal areas and the gumline. 
In order to treat dental sensitivity, it is important to correct bad habits, such as avoiding food and drinks that cause dental enamel erosion. Also, carrying out proper daily oral hygiene with specific products is essential. Desensin gel provides an intense desensitising action when acute sensitivity occurs, and can be applied topically. For a desensitising and protective effect, Desensin plus toothpaste and mouthwash, used together with Desensin soft toothbrush, developed specifically for people with sensitive teeth, make up a complete treatment range for dental hypersensitivity. 


Xeros Dentaid 
The symptoms of xerostomia can greatly diminish a patient’s quality of life. Xeros dentaid is a specific treatment with dual-action: it hydrates the oral cavity with the toothpaste, mouthwash and gel in those who need greater humectation, and stimulates natural saliva production with its three formats for convenient out-of-home use: spray, tablets and chewing gum. 


Daily elimination of the layer of bacteria and food debris that coats the tongue with the HALITA Tongue Cleaner is important in order to prevent the onset of halitosis. 
To fight halitosis, a daily treatment with HALITA mouthwash, HALITA toothpaste, HALITA spray and HALITA tongue cleaner is necessary. This allows for removal of the bacteria accumulated in the oral cavity, especially those that produce bad smelling gases, and it also controls the growth of microorganisms that produce volatile sulphur compounds. 
The goal of the HALITA range is not to mask bad breath, but to get to the root of the problem, thanks to its components: Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Zinc Lactate, Sodium Fluoride and Xylitol. 
HALITA is the first product to be scientifically-developed for treating, not disguising, bad breath. 


Vitis Orthodontic 
Dental malocclusion and misalignment of teeth are problems that not only affect the oral cavity but also other bodily functions: swallowing, chewing, phonation, etc., leading to a general decline in health. They can also cause low self esteem. 
Orthodontic treatment also involves certain complications due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) or physical processes that can negatively affect treatment outcome
For this reason, orthodontic treatment and the prevention and/or solution to its complexities are especially important for improving the quality of a patient’s life. 
VITIS orthodontic guarantees the success of orthodontic treatment. Clinical studies show that the use of VITIS orthodontic reduces the accumulation of oral biofilm and gingival inflammation without causing side effects to braces and mucosa. 
Additionally, studies performed in dental offices show that the discomforts that may occur during orthodontic treatment are reduced after the use of VITIS orthodontic. VITIS orthodontic helps orthodontic appliance wearers to improve their quality of life. 
Has V-shaped brushing surface to efficiently remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) that accumulates on teeth and orthodontic appliances. 
Mouthwash and toothpaste 
Their composition formulated specifically for the oral hygiene of orthodontic appliance wearers includes Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), which reduces oral biofilm build-up (bacterial plaque); Fluoride, which remineralises enamel; and Aloe Vera and Allantoin, which possess regenerative and healing effects. 
Effervescent cleansing tablets 
Eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad odour and oral biofilm on removable appliances. 
Orthodontic relief wax 
The paraffin protects against rubbing that occurs from the appliances. 

The most complete and specific ranger for care and protection in orthodontic appliance wearers 


Fittydent sensible
Patients with problems with denture retention can experience friction between denture and gums, causing irritation of the mucosa that can be painful and become infected. For these patients, whose gums are delicate, Fittydent has developed the Fittydent Sensitive formula, the only one that not only has long-lasting superadhesive hold that prevents dentures from sliding, calms, fortifies and restores the gums thanks to the regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects of Aloe Vera and Myrrh. 
Aloe Vera and Myrrh also work synergistically. Myrrh stimulates the absorption of substances that contain Aloe Vera and improves the healing process. 


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