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9th May 2018 0
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VITIS® launches an array of oral healthcare products for children from birth to adolescence, with three ranges: VITIS® baby, VITIS® kids and VITIS® junior. 

Each range is adapted to the needs of each children’s age group to offer complete care of the oral cavity, focusing on achieving effective removal of dental biofilm, which is chiefly responsible for oral diseases: 
0-2 years. Primary teeth (baby teeth) erupt at this age, and gums may show slight inflammation and irritation. It will be necessary to start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears. Oral hygiene is performed by an adult. 
2-6 years. Children now have all their baby teeth. The main aim is to remove dental biofilm to prevent decay, and for children to acquire oral hygiene habits, which must be supervised and checked by an adult. 
6-12 years. Replacement of baby teeth occurs now and they coexist with the permanent teeth until about 12 years of age. The prevention of decay, by means of effective dental biofilm removal and limiting sugar intake, remains the primary objective. Additionally, children may experience gum inflammation due to the eruption of the teeth. Since they can now usually control swallowing reflex, they may introduce the use of mouthwash. 

0-2 years VITIS baby 

VITIS® baby balsam gel for gums. Formulated specifically to relieve the discomfort babies may feel during eruption of the first teeth. 
VITIS® baby brush. Designed for the mouth of an infant and handling by an adult, who will perform the brushing. The filaments are high quality Tynex® and ultra-soft for effective brushing while caring for the baby’s delicate teeth and gums. 

2-6 years VITIS kids 

VITIS® kids brush. Designed for children’s ease of handling, with a thick ergonomic handle adapted to their hands, and a very small head that adapts to the size of their mouth, with soft, high quality Tynex® filaments. 
VITIS® kids dental gel. Formulated specifically to prevent the onset of decay, with a fluoride concentration adapted to this age group as per EAPD standards, and cherry flavoured. 

6-12 years VITIS junior 

VITIS® junior brush. Designed for the child to use, with an ergonomic handle and soft, quality Tynex® filaments. 
VITIS® junior dental gel. Formulated specifically to prevent the onset of decay, with a fluoride concentration adapted to this age group (1,450 ppm). In addition, it contains panthenol to help care for the gums. Tutti Frutti flavour. 
VITIS® junior mouthwash. Complements the anti-caries action of the dental gel while caring for the gums, ensuring that the active ingredients reach the entire oral cavity. 



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