10th January 2013 0
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Aula DENTAID, DENTAID’s training area, organised a total of 18 courses, for dental hygienists, entitled “Dentist + Hygienist: Teamwork, a Guarantee for Success”. More than 2,000 hygienists attended these courses, which were held in different cities of Spain during the last quarter of 2012.

Dentist + Hygienist: Teamwork, a guarantee for success

With the purpose and commitment of making the update of knowledge on matters relevant to the sector more accessible, Aula DENTAID focused its last cycle of courses for hygienists on the area of Orthodontics from the point of view of teamwork among professionals as a guarantee for success. These informative sessions were organised in two blocks: the first part focused on the hygienist as an aid in adjusting and placing orthodontic appliances, and the second part focused on the hygienist’s responsibility for caring for and maintaining orthodontic braces. In both sections, we counted on the presence of specialised speakers: orthodontists.

Orthodontics: treatment for a healthy and beautiful smile

Orthodontics is one of the most commonly sought for oral treatments in our country. Specialists insist on the importance of constant prevention and regular check-ups, because without them, a minor problem can end up becoming a more severe condition.
Orthodontics is not only an aesthetic solution (many times it is considered as merely an aesthetic tool), but rather a treatment for oral health that corrects and prevents possible problems deriving from malocclusion. And this can end up affecting hygiene itself, making it difficult for a toothbrush to reach all spaces. Hence, the importance of this type of treatment, as soon as problems like these are detected. 

Upcoming courses?

The topic of Aula DENTAID’s next training courses for dental Hygienists will cover the new DENTAID technology that is being applied to some of its formulas. This is the new and innovative DENTAID® nanorepair technology, based on hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, whose application yields great benefits for dental sensitivity and tooth whitening.
Aula DENTAID advertises all of its courses on all of the different active channels: www.dentaid.com, www.higienistasvitis.com, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.Enrolment for all courses is done online on the DENTAID webpage. A free alert system is also available in order to receive periodic information on courses and congresses, depending on the categories selected.


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