Quality of life associated with oral health

15th May 2012 0
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Oral health as a concept has evolved quite a bit over time. Today, besides being associated with issues such as protecting the oral cavity through chewing and swallowing, it also has to do with other more social and psychological factors. Changes in the mouth can have a great impact on quality of life, even affecting self esteem. For this reason, in this issue of Dentaid Expertise we wanted to offer a general overview on how quality of life may be affected by certain clinical situations like dental hypersensitivity, bad breath, dry mouth, prostheses or orthodontics. We will also provide several complete and specific solutions that can help us achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.
Therefore, dentistry today goes one step further to help patients improve their quality of life. To do so, here we will provide complete and specific solutions to efficiently deal with all daily oral hygiene issues. We will also emphasise habits that are essential for seniors to continue looking good and prevent certain diseases.
In this issue, we will also highlight the successful 1st SEPA-Dentaid Symposium for hygienists, held on February 25 in Madrid. An attendance of over 1,700 dental hygienists made this the biggest scientific event ever to be offered to this professional group in Spain.


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