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The First Scientific Treatment for Oral Halitosis

8th November 2011 0
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Halitosis is defined as a combination of unpleasant or offensive odours emanating from the oral cavity. It is known that in 87%1 of all cases the origin of this bad smell comes from inside the mouth. Of the remaining 13%, most cases are ENT-related and the rest are linked to systemic pathologies. 

Causes of oral halitosis include tongue coating, or lingual biofilm and periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis). Approximately 50% of all adults suffers from or has suffered from halitosis at some point in their lives, potentially affecting their relationships - both personal and professional. Treatment of oral halitosis is aimed at controlling and reducing the number of bacteria that produce the bad odour and that are located on the tongue dorsum or in the periodontal pocket. 
Products that have proven clinical efficacy in the control of halitosis include molecules such as Chlorhexidine, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, derivatives of Zinc and a combination of these agents. 

The solution 

It is important to treat all oral pathologies present: open caries, fixed prostheses and overcontoured restorations, gingivitis (dental professional prophylaxis and polishing) and periodontitis with scaling and root planing. Dental professional prophylaxis and polishing and instruction on proper oral hygiene (toothbrushing, interdental cleaning with dental floss & interproximal brushes and tongue cleaning twice per day reaching the back of the tongue) depending on individual needs, are also important. 
Lastly, gargling with a specific mouthwash to reach the back of the tongue twice a day (morning and night) during the active treatment phase is essential. 

HALITA Recommended products: 

HALITA Spray and Halita Forte Spray 
Its practical and convenient shape and size make it ideal for people who want to use it any time, anywhere, providing 24 hours of fresh breath. For maximum freshness, Halita Forte Spray, strong mint flavour. 
HALITA Mouthwash 
Eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath and keeps them from coming back, thanks to its composition: Chlorhexidine, Cetylpyridinium Chloride and Zinc Lactate. 
HALITA Tongue Cleaner 
Removes the bacterial film that forms on the tongue surface and that causes bad breath. It has two sides, one with a curved surface that adapts to the central depression of the tongue, and the other with a flat surface for conveniently cleaning the sides of the tongue, make tongue cleaning a breeze. 
HALITA toothpaste with fluoride 
Daily-use toothpaste that helps control bad breath and freshen your mouth while protecting teeth and gums. 


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