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16th May 2012 0
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To look for audiovisual material, we have YouTube. For current issues, we have Twitter. To share experiences, we have Facebook. But, what if we need to search for or share knowledge? The answer is Slideshare. 

Slideshare, the new worldwide school 

This new social network, six years running, is the biggest known community for content sharing. The creation of Slideshare was based on a very simple idea: to upload PowerPoint presentations to be easily disseminated. Today, this platform has more than 60 monthly visitors and is one of the top consulted websites. 
Viral content. The key is how easy viral spread of contents actually is. When a presentation is uploaded to Slideshare, it can be shared with other social networks using just one link, by exponentially multiplying the diffusion of content. Its great capacity also helps avoid overloading USBs and email accounts. 
Tags. Thanks to tags, users can search to find presentations without time or space limitations. This means that the potential audience of our content is anywhere in the world. All we have to do is use the right tags for correct identification. 

What does Dentaid do on Slideshare? 

Dentaid’s vocation is to promote the scientific and practical training of oral health professionals. Dentaid wants to contribute its knowledge to the sector as well as share its experience with users. 
Slideshare is the ideal platform for sharing this knowledge: anywhere from scientific content to Dentaid product information and their application in corresponding treatment through interviews and information regarding seminars and courses. 

Information for professionals 

On Dentaid’s Slideshare channel, contents from Aula Dentaid are shared, as well as information on training seminars Seminars where Dentaid is present offering useful material for dentists, hygienists and pharmacists. 
The objective is always to offer information to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of oral health-related pathologies for all ages and offer practical educational materials. 
Dentaid also wants to be a reference for all those who are researching oral health on their own. The great volume of information on the internet can sometimes get in the way of finding quality data. Our Slideshare channel aims at gathering useful information regarding daily oral hygiene and care on one single site. 

The great advantages of Slideshare 

- Slideshare is the biggest community world-wide for sharing presentations. 
- It not only supports PowerPoint presentations, pdf, etc., but also supports videos. 
- Efficient and quick content sorting by subject. 
- Allows for visually catching attention. 
- Allows you to find friends and professional contacts. 
- Allows you to share content with your social networks. 

Did you know that… 

…Slideshare is one of the most used tools for training and e-learning? 
… Slideshare is used by institutions such as the White House, United Nations, UNICEF and NASA, among many others? 
… the longest presentation on Slideshare in 2011 held 2,811 slides? 
…women summarise more and use slides less than men? 
… Helvetica and Arial are the most used fonts on Slideshare? 


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