Waterpik®, the ideal solution for periodontal patients and implant or orthodontics wearers

25th October 2019 0
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Oral irrigation with Waterpik® facilitates cleaning the interproximal area of the teeth, making it the most effective oral hygiene option for those with special needs, such as periodontal patients and implant or orthodontics wearers. 

The toothbrush is the most important tool for the mechanical control of oral biofilm but can only cleane 60% of the surface of the clinical crown, whether natural or prosthetic. The remaining 40% pertains to the interproximal area, which offers favourable conditions for the accumulation of oral biofilm, causing various pathologies and disorders such as caries, halitosis, gingivitis or peri-implant mucositis, amongst others. 
Oral irrigators clean this area, removing both food debris and oral biofilm that adhere between the teeth, as well as reaching the deepest subgingival areas thanks to the use of specific tips. 
The clinical efficacy of Waterpik® water flossers has been widely substantiated in all types of patients. In addition, it is especially indicated for use by people with special needs, such as periodontal patients and implant or orthodontics wearers. 


Waterpik® water flossing improves gum health, since it reduces inflammation, gum bleeding and plaque indices on all the sides of the teeth, with results obtained after 14 days of application1-4. After a month of use, bleeding on probing is reduced by 93.4%3, and gum inflammation is 41.2%3
Waterpik® offers the Pik Pocket® tip specially for periodontal patients. This accessory has a soft rubber tip specially designed for use at low pressure in therapeutic rinses below the gum line. It facilitates access to the gingival margin and periodontal pockets, as well as around implants. 


Thanks to Waterpik®, gingival bleeding is reduced by 77.3% after 14 days and by 81.8% after 30 days7 in patients with implants. The use of the Plaque Seeker® tip is recommended for removing the most inaccessible dental plaque. 
The Plaque Seeker tip features three thin tufts of filaments designed to access hard-to-reach plaque and its use is especially indicated on implants, crowns, bridges and other restorations. 


In orthodontic patients, Waterpik® reduces gingivitis by 24.1%5; levels of plaque by 38.9%6, and gingival bleeding by 84.5%6. The orthodontic tip is recommended for cleaning orthodontic appliances and braces. 
Waterpik® removes the hard-to-reach plaque between brackets and wires and helps remove bacteria and food debris from teeth and gums. 
Rigorous daily oral hygiene is essential for the success of periodontal, implant or orthodontic treatments. Oral irrigation is very useful given the benefits it provides, but it is important to complement it with the use of suitable mouthwashes, such as Perio·Aid®, VITIS® gingival or VITIS® orthodontic, depending on the needs of each patient. 



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